Provided services

Our complex service package addresses everybody with an interest to make a reasonable success in business area


  • double-entry accounting
  • single-entry accounting
  • accounting reconstruction
  • wages/payroll accountancy
  • tax records
  • asset filing/records
  • log books


  • income tax
  • local tax
  • value added tax
  • excise duty


  • financial reports
  • intrastat system
  • statistical statements and reports


  • accounting consultancy
  • economic consultancy
  • organisational consultancy
  • elaboration of internal guidelines
  • credit projects elaboration

Control mechanism

  • check on the correct booking proces
  • income tax return check
  • statements / reports check

Commercial companies foundation

  • official foundation with no extra effort from your side (based on Authorization Letter)
  • registration of your company with all required institutions